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John & Karol at the beach in Rennefaire Garb.

About Us......Welcome to 

"Shamrocks In The Wind.

"We are a Celtic Ballad Folk Duo.  We are also Ceramic and Stained Glass Artists. 

As Musicians: We sing traditional ballads, fun pub songs, rolick'n sea songs and other folk songs. We occasionally have been joined by instrumentalists on fiddle, pipes, penny whistle and bodhran in both live performance and in the studio. Our goal is to keep the heritage of Irish and Scots ballads alive and pass it on to the next generation. We encourage our audience to participate by: singing, clapping, or dancing along. We try to be kid friendly "if we know" they are in the audience. "Shamrocks In The Wind" ™ has performed regularly throughout the nation at pubs, luxury resorts, restaurants, festivals and special events. We have also performed internationally in Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. We have opened for many well-known performers including the Kingston Trio, Glen Yarbrough, the Wolftones, and more......We would love to play for you!


As Artists: While we were on the road full-time making music, it was difficult to practice our art.  A motorhome just doesn't have the room for a studio and there just wasn't much time... Now that we are lumbered, we are again working in Ceramics, Stained and Molded Glass, and mixed-media. Karol's Dragons are all unique – no two are alike. Our Ceramic creations are original, often whimsical, exquisite, and beautiful. You must see them to appreciate them. We sell primarily at galleries and festivals but you can see some of our work in these web pages.

Here are Links if you want to hear and see some of our fun music and mythical activities:

     Our music clips at: CD Baby          Rennefaire Fun in garb: Mythical & Midieval Fest  

Here is a Link to one of the Galleries that carries our products:


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