Ceramic Tealights...more coming soon.

Please see our shipping info page before ordering……These items must be double boxed for shipping for safety……If you wish to order more than 1, please e-mail us first.

Your item will be as close as we can make it to the photo shown here…..

if you wish we can send you an actual photo of your piece before we ship it.

If you see another item in the picture you are interested in...just email us about it...

5” Wolf tealight...$39.99 plus shipping
Emerald green, Aprx.4" Shamrock tealight/$24.99 plus S&H / No S&H -Available at Seagrove Pottery, Hwy 5, Aberdeen, NC
5” Cat tealight ....$39.99 plus shipping
5” seablue tealight (top right corner)....$39.99 plus shipping
Pumpkin tealight available in September...
Red and green Christmas tealight available in September
Aprox.3” Drk Red and Lt Red Heart tealight..... $24.99 plus shipping
Aprox.3-3.5” Heart tealight with “Hope, Happy, Love” inscribed $24.99 plus shipping
Color and Inscription
More To Come...

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