Ceramic Candles......

Please see our shipping info page before ordering….Fragile items need more packing to keep them safe………If you wish to order more than 1 or if you need exact measurements, please e-mail us first.

Many colors...
color scent choices

 3" Fluted edge pot 

....choose assorted colors and scents 

in the shopping cart....... $14.99 plus shipping

Yellow/Orange with Mimosa mandarin scent

Raspberry/Dark Teal with Black Raspberry Vanilla scent

Blue Azure with Pink Magnolia Blossom scent

Plum Jelly/Wisteria with Lilac scent

color scent choices
3" Fluted edge pot…$14.99

Other colors and scents available...

Coral/Speckled Red with Honeysuckle Jasmine scent

Strawberry with Strawberry Shortcake scent

Buff/Seawind trim with Gardenia scent

Many colors…$11.99 plus shipping
color scent choices

 2-3.25" Round candle .... $11.99 plus shipping

2.5" Bubblegum Blue/Red trim with Dragons Blood Scent

2.5" Appletini/Red trim with Mimosa Mandarin scent

2.5" Purple Amythist with Lavender Scent 

2.5" Solid Grape color with Very Vanilla  Scent

3" Seawind/Teal trim with Honeysuckle Jasmine scent

3" Seawind/Blue trim with Very Vanilla scent

3" Garnet with Strawberry Shortcake scent 

3.25 " Yellow/Orange with Mimosa Mandarin scent

3.25" Black Masquerade with Apples and Maple Bourbon Scent

Castle candles....$14.99 plus shipping
color scent choices
Fairy candle and jewelry/coin tray set...$24.99 plus shipping
Color and Scent
Butterfly candle (cinnamon stick scent) and jewelry/coin tray set...$29.99 plus shipping

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