Dragons...one of a kind....

Please see our shipping info page before ordering……..Statues, Mobiles and More!

Every dragon is different and has it’s own personality.  No two are the same...just like people.

Each must be given a name within 24 hours after you receive it.  They are family.

Pistachio Dragon Statue wrapped around green rock…$49.99 plus shipping
Red/copper/black Dragon statue 6.5” with wireart wrapped around reddish flecked egg $49.99 plus shipping
5” Purple Gold Dragon statue wrapped around purple gold rock..$49.99 plus shipping
Purple/Lavender Dragon with Crystal 8" with Wireart…$49.99 plus shipping
6" Tourmaline/Rose Dragon Mobile w gem eyes w Fused glass Wings 9" with Wireart …$59.99 plus shipping
5” Queen Dragon 12” with Long Tendrils w cobalt blue 3-panel Stained Glass wings and Red eyes, Lead free Metal body..$69.99 plus shipping
Purple and luminescent pastel 3-panel stained glass wings on metal dragon with swirl accents 5" with Gem eyes...$47.99 plus shipping
Pistachio w pale mint wings, female dragon 6” with wire art tendrils to 10” w gem eyes .....$49.99 plus shipping
Black and Copper dragon 8” with wire art tendrils to 10” w gem eyes .....$49.99 plus shipping

More will be added to this list as soon as we can.   All metal bodies are lead free.  

E-mail us for more color options.

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